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Top 10 Scariest Paintings of All Time

SOURCE: CLIPMARKS • 2009-10-31
TOPICS: Art Nouveau • Edwardian Era • Expressionism • Symbolist Painters • Egon Schiele • The Triumph Of Death • Hieronymus Bosch • Gustav Klimt

clipped by: willhelmClip Source: thevaultofhorror.blogspot.com10. Guernica. Pablo Picasso, 19379. The Great Red Dragon. William Blake, 18118. Biomechanoid. H.R. Giger, 19747. Death and Life. Gustav Klimt, 19116. The Nightmare. John Henry Fuseli, 17915. The Scream. Edvard Munch, 18934. Garden of Earthly Delights (The Hell panel). Hieronymus Bosch, 15003. Death and the Maiden. Egon Schiele, 19152. Saturn Devouring His Sons. Francisco de Goya, 18241. The Triumph of Death. Pieter Bruegel the Elde... read more »


garden of earthly delights edvard munchfrancisco de goyagustav klimtjohn henry fuselipablo picassopieter bruegelwilliam blake

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